Family law is very big business for some, but it is also, in fact, largely disturbingly bad public policy. Vicious child custody battles are a hallmark of a decidedly anti-family legal system. The process is seemingly devised to, often unfairly, protect the parent deemed custodial. As a result, non-custodial parents are too often made helpless and inconsequential; disenfranchised parents kept from their children by State edict. In this environment, parental alienation thrives as some parents brainwash children and interfere with child visitation. When it comes to determining child custody, divorce is often anything but no-fault.

Give Back My Son addresses key issues facing parents, children and society. Told around one father’s quest for equitable parenting in and out of court, this important book takes a hard look at the lack of quality control in family law, the inconsistency of court rulings, how the best interests of the child and other legal parameters have been co-opted and mismanaged, the misuse of science and the prevalence of pseudo-science in the courtroom, the lack of reliability and credibility of child custody recommendations, problems related to move-aways and child visitation, the issue of parental alienation, gender roles and gender favoritism and prejudice, and our current divorce and child custody culture.

Bureaucratic, tyrannical and conspiratorial family courts have usurped constitutional and parental rights. Sexist, anti-father ideology and traditions diminish the stature and familial role of men, reduce opportunity for shared parenting and promote fatherless families. The culprits are lawmakers, judges, attorneys, child custody evaluators, social workers and government agencies as well as parents who are indulged as adversaries and enticed to do battle in divorce court. Besides families divided and victimized by the system, society at large suffers the consequences of short sighted methods.

Among others, the book Give Back My Son will appeal to parents considering divorce, the legal community, parental rights advocates, and those already shorted by the family law system.
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Give Back My Son